My Musings On Proverbs

“I passed by a lazy person’s field, the vineyard belonging to a person without sense. I saw that it was all overgrown with thistles. The ground was covered with weeds, and its stone fence was torn down. When I observed ⌊this⌋, I took it to heart. I saw it and learned my lesson. “Just a […]

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I forgot to tell you that Mila has forgotten her shade. The one that was bestowed upon her, her name. You see………. Mila loves colours. She embraces the vibrant and pulsating ones as well as the spiritless anaemic ones. She thinks they are brilliant and, that they all possess certain characters. Mila always sees colours.

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It is amazing how we sometimes measure other people’s achievements and potentials by ONLY the yardsticks that we are conversant with. When a person is courageous enough to step up to a new plane, he or she is immediately judged by how much “his judges” think he knows or can do based on the previous

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