Joy akinwonmi

Nurturer, Equipper, Teacher and Visionary.

Be influenced by the truth of who you really are...


I enjoy storytelling as a medium of engaging and reaching my audience, whilst maintaining key principles of faith, parenting, and life. If you would like me to speak at your event, please click here


Over the past 24years, I have enjoyed collecting valuable information and authenticating truth to various groups of people. See my current courses


I enjoy expressing myself through writing for inspiration, faith, and edification. Head to my blog to learn more.


I help to nurture the unique expression of God’s design in people by equipping them to confidently communicate their eternal vocation and mandate to their environment and world without fear of any kind. I am a mentor, a teacher and a writer. I love stories and I believe that life is lived and summed up as stories.

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My Ebooks

Books to help and edify you on your faith and parenting journeys. 

My Musings On Proverbs

“I passed by a lazy person’s field, the vineyard belonging to a person without sense. I saw that it was all overgrown with thistles. The ground was covered with weeds, and its stone fence was torn down. When I observed ⌊this⌋, I took it to heart. I saw it and...

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I walked by a Carpenter’s shop and saw him walking around his shop and running his hands through the different displays of furniture and fittings. It appeared to me that he loved his work. He turned and walked towards the far left side of the room and gently picked up...

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I forgot to tell you that Mila has forgotten her shade. The one that was bestowed upon her, her name. You see………. Mila loves colours. She embraces the vibrant and pulsating ones as well as the spiritless anaemic ones. She thinks they are brilliant and, that they all possess certain...

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